Crankworx Dreamin’

Words: Harry GriffithsPhotos: Alistair Chalmers You’ll often hear people local to Whistler moaning in the weeks coming up to Crankworx. “It’s too busy” and “the lift lines are way too long” are the usual reasons for “totally avoiding the village”, according to a gnarled local who has apparently been in Whistler since the ‘glory days’. … Continue reading Crankworx Dreamin’

Woods Without Trails

Rolling up to the trails, the excitement was palpable. The most recent lockdown had been the most brutal of the lot. Each of us shut in our own separate rooms, windows blacked out and only the fading memories of riding to accompany us. So faded were the memories now that I wondered if I even … Continue reading Woods Without Trails

Minterne Magna Gravel

This was a ride of three parts. Up first was riding for an hour or so on the country lanes, fortunately with a tail wind. Rolling through the small villages such as East Coker and Yetminster was easy going and in Chetnole, I aimed for the first off road section.The first section with a sign … Continue reading Minterne Magna Gravel

Somerset Levels Gravel

Lockdown has given all us of time. Most people have filled this with important things like spending more time with family and staying healthy. Whilst doing this to an extent, a big focus for me has been riding locally. With big bike riding off the cards, I turned to my road bike. I say road … Continue reading Somerset Levels Gravel

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